Location-based Augmented Reality(AR)
mobile game based on real estate

Main ICO will be launched

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Virtualize the World

Mossland is a AR (augmented reality) gamified platform for owning and trading virtualized real-estate based on mechanics of Monopoly and Pokemon Go.

Virtual assets owned in Mossland can be transferred to other location-based games or services through Moss Chain, the first blockchain for AR/VR assets

Next Generation AR

Anything can now be virtualized thanks to a star team of Ex-Samsung and Ex-Google founders

Moss Coin

Transactions are made with Moss Coin (MOC), a transparent and secured cryptocurrency which will be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges

Own and Trade Landmarks

You can now own and trade valuable landmarks and real estate around the world in auction houses

Moss Chain

Ownership of assets is secured by Moss Chain, the first AR/VR assets blockchain

P2P Advertising

Mossland creates a new advertising platform based on the convergence of real location-based games with AR technology

Expandable Platform

Virtual assets and their ownership in Mossland could be also transferred to other location based games or services on Moss Chain

White Paper

Want to learn more about the Mossland?
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  • 2018 1Q

    Pre ICO
    Main ICO
  • 2018 2Q

    List Moss Coin on Exchange
  • 2018 3Q

    Prototype Building
  • 2018 4Q

    Alpha Build
  • 2019 1Q

    Closed Beta Test
  • 2019 2Q

    Soft Launch
  • 2019 3Q

    Global Launch
    Landmark Presale

Mossland ICO


  • Name

    Moss Coin
  • Symbol

  • Platform

  • Total issue

    500,000,000 MOC
  • Price

    1 MOC = 0.12 USD

Main ICO benefit

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Benefit 15% 10% 5% 2.5%



  • Wooram Son face

    Wooram Son

    CEO, Co-Founder
    • 3D Computer Graphics Expert
    • S/W Engineer, Samsung Electronics
  • Chester Roh face

    Chester Roh

    CSO, Co-Founder
    • Serial Entrepreneur
    • Founder, Inzen (IPO in Korea),
    • Founder, TNC (acquired by Google)
    • Founder, 5Rocks (acquired by Tapjoy)
  • Minuk Kim face

    Minuk Kim

    CTO, Co-Founder
    • 3D Computer Graphics Expert
    • S/W Engineer, Pantech
  • Yongjun Hong face

    Yongjun Hong

    CFO, Co-Founder
    • KICPA
    • CFO, 5Rocks
    • PwC Korea Accountant
  • Sean Oh face

    Sean Oh

    COO, Co-Founder
    • Digital Human Character Expert
    • S/W Engineer, Samsung Electronics
  • Don Lim

    Don Lim

    VP of Business Development
    • General Manager, Com2uS USA
    • Advisory Sales Rep., IBM Korea

ICO Advisors

  • Louis Jinhwa Kim

    Louis Jinhwa Kim

    Blockchain Advisor
    • Co-founder, Director, Korea Blockchain Association
    • Co-founder, Korbit
    • Director, Tide Institute
    • Author of World 1st Bitcoin Book, 'Next Money Bitcoin(2013)'
  • Jason Han face

    Jason Han

    Blockchain Advisor
    • CEO, KAKAO Blockchain
    • Co-Founder & Partner/CTO, FuturePlay
    • Founder & CEO, NexR (acquired by KT)
    • Adjunct Professor, KAIST MBA
    • KAIST PhD in P2P and Distributed System
  • Jeffrey Lim face

    Jeffrey Lim

    Startup Advisor
    • 18+ years of experience in startup ecosystem
    • Former Head of Campus Seoul, Google
    • Former venture capitalist at Softbank Ventures
    • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Hash Hao

    Hash Hao

    ICO Advisor
    • Serial entrepreneur & Fintech expert
    • Co-founder and CMO of INK Labs Foundation
    • 7 years experience in Fintech, AI-lending and blockchain
  • Dennis S. Lee face

    Dennis S. Lee

    ICO Advisor
    • Serial entrepreneur
    • Crypto evangelist
    • Ink Labs Foundation Business Developer
    • Managing Partner at FutureMoneyFund
  • Danishevsky face

    Ivan Danishevsky

    E-Sports and Gaming Blockchain Advisor
    • Head of Shoutcasting, Garena.com
    • CCO, Game Show TV
    • Founder, ESM.one - Blockchained Esports
    • Founder, ESC.watch - Esports Charts
  • Ilya Mikov face

    Ilya Mikov

    Cryptocurrency Gaming Advisor
    • Co-Founder, Active Games
    • Founder, Mobile Active
    • Successfully raised an ICO round for its mobile MMORPG Lordmancer II.

Product Advisors

  • Duhee Lee face

    Duhee Lee

    Startup Advisor
    • Founder LIKELION
    • Founder Kongdoo
    • Google Impact Challenge, First Place (People's Choice)
    • Speaker, 66th UN NGO
  • Vitaly Tkach face

    Vitaly Tkach

    Creative Advisor
    • Creative Director, Wargaming
    • Former Creative Director, Leo Burnett Ukraine
  • Peter Van Dyke face

    Peter Van Dyke

    AR UX & Design Advisor
    • Interactive UX/Production, Apple
    • CSO & Product Head, GTR
    • Production Head, npnf KR/SK Planet
    • Creative Co-Director, Com2uS Korea
  • Sunkwan Kim face

    Sunkwan Kim

    Art Design Advisor
    • Creative Leader at Niantic Labs, Google (Ingress, Pokemon GO)
    • Advisor of Weenu, Art up Seoul
    • Senior Visual Designer, Yahoo Korea
  • Min Pyo Hong face

    Minpyo Hong

    Security Advisor
    • Founder, SEWORKS
    • Founder, SHIFTWORKS (acquired by Infraware)
    • Advised governments on digital security issues for 20+ years
    • Five-time consecutive finalist at DEFCON CTF
  • Yaroslav Kologryvov

    Yaroslav Kologryvov

    Eastern Europe/CIS Market Advisor
    • Founder, Ukraine's Main University Startup Ecosystem Sikhorsky Challenge
    • Managing Partner, VANHEALTHING Cryptofund
    • Former CEO, Ukraine's Main Science Park
  • Baolong Zhang face

    Baolong Zhang

    CG Advisor
    • Director, Digitallotus
    • Lead Character Artist, Supermassive Games
    • Lead Environment Artist, Climax Action
    • Level Artist, Ubisoft
  • chrales face

    Charles Rim

    M&A Advisor
    • General Partner, Access Ventures
    • MD, Tapjoy Korea & SE Asia
    • Venture Partner, DFJ Athena VC
    • Head of M&A, Google APAC
    • CSO, Yahoo Korea & SE Asia
  • John Chang face

    John Chang

    Investment Advisor
    • General Partner, Access Ventures
    • APAC Head-Equities, Barclays Asia
    • CEO, Deutsche Bank Korea
    • Co-Founder, Access Communications
  • Youngwoon Cha face

    Youngwoon Cha

    Graphics & VR/AR Advisor
    • CS PhD Candidate, UNC Graphics & Virtual Reality
    • Researcher, KIST
    • Research Engineer, LG Electronics
  • John S. Kim face

    John S. Kim

    Growth Advisor
    • CEO & Founder, SendBird (Y Combinator)
    • Director, GREE
    • CEO & Founder, Paprika Lab
  • Tim Chae face

    Tim Chae

    Venture Capital Advisor
    • General Partner, 500 Startups Korea
    • Partner, 500 Startups
    • Investor in 30+ seed stage tech companies in SF/SV and Korea
  • Changsu Lee face

    Changsu Lee

    Artificial Intelligence Advisor
    • Co-Founder & CEO, Allganize
    • SVP, Tapjoy
    • Co-Founder & CEO, 5Rocks
  • Wonchai Lee face

    Wonchai Lee

    Monetization Advisor
    • Sr. Football Trader, The Hong Kong Jockey Club
    • Sr. Odds Compiler, Singapore Pools
    • Oddsmaker, SportsToto
  • Widjaja Tannady face

    Widjaja Tannady

    Real Estate Advisor
    • Founder, Mahanusa Capital
    • Director, PT Pacific Place Jakarta

Team Members

  • Byukryun Choi face

    Byucryun Choi

    Lead Character Artist
    • Lead Character Artist, NS Studio
  • Sangmin Lee face

    Sangmin Lee

    Lead Environment Artist
    • Environment Artist, M Game
  • Youngdae Cho face

    Youngdae Cho

    Client Engineer
    • S/W Engineer, NHN Next
    • PR/Marketer, 5Rocks
  • Yunu Kim face

    Yunu Kim

    Server Engineer
    • S/W Engineer, Line Games
  • Junchel Park face

    Junchel Park

    Blockchain Engineer
    • S/W Engineer, Kakao
  • Hyunwook Nam face

    Hyunuk Nam

    Blockchain Engineer
    • S/W Engineer, NHN Next
  • Seunghyun Kim face

    Seunghyun Kim

    Software Engineer
    • S/W Engineer, NHN Next
  • Hyunbin Nam face

    Hyunbin Nam

    Game Designer
    • Game Designer, Affinity Game
  • Jerome Hernandez face

    Jerome Hernandez

    Creative Engineer
    • Creative Engineer, CERN
  • Emily Park face

    Emily Park

    PR Manager
    • PR Manager, Lineable
    • A.E., Cheil Worldwide